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Coronavirus Update

Updated 5/7/21

Coronavirus Update (COVID-19)
Hello NFL Flag Pasadena Family,
I hope that you are all safe and doing well and are ready to finally get back on the field. With the long, humbling road back to finally play again, we will be implementing practice and game day guidelines for the upcoming Spring 2021 Season.
These guidelines will include:
1. All players, parent/fans, staff, and referees will be required to wear face coverings at all times during practices, and while at the game field. All players will be required to play with a mask.
2. We will only be allowing two (2) parents per player, along with younger siblings into the game day venue.
3. All parents and spectators are required to be at least ten (10) yards from the field at all times. We ask all spectators to please stay to the outside of the game areas.
4. All parents must initial and sign a COVID-19 Informed Consent form on Opening Day before their player or themselves are allowed into the venue. No exceptions!
5. To help us control the amount of people that are coming and going from the venue, we will be issuing wrist bands to all players, parents, coaches, and staff. Anybody inside the venue (minus younger siblings) without a wristband will be immediately escorted out of the venue.
6. If there is more than a one (1) hour gap between your first game and your second game, we do ask for you to leave the venue and come back closer to your second games start time.
7. All game balls will be rotated out, wiped down, and replaced with a new ball at the end of the first half of a game, as well as at the end of each game
6. To help with contact tracing as much as we can in case of a positive test result, we will be marking down the names and families that show up at the time of issuing wrist bands.
7. If you are sick, please do not show up to the field.
8. Social distancing of at least 6 feet will be required by all parents/fans that attend the games.
9. There will be no pre-game or post-game handshakes.
These league mandated guidelines, as well as any federal, state, or local guidelines will be fully enforced and may be revised at any point by the league. Furthermore, the league may choose to adjust the age divisions as needed before the season starts.
Patrick Williams                                   
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